Accessing nested family values

Does anyone know how to access data in a nested family?

I have a line-based generic model that arrays/repeats a family. I’m trying to get the locations of the individual nested family within the line-based family.


Hi Alex,

Have you tried using"FamilyInstanceLocation" node or you can also use Element.Location from clockwork package also to element location.


Perhaps I am not understanding your suggestion…

I can get the location of the “container” family. However, what I am looking for is the location of the nested families within that container family. I can not seem to find a way to get dynamo to find them to apply a location node.

to make things worse each nested family is inside nesteda group





Hi Alex,

There is a node called “FamilyInstance.SubComponents” from Clockwork Package that will give you nested families and then you can get location of nested families using “FamilyInstance.Location” node. See below example of chair family. Good Luck!


Use FamilyInstanceLocation node but use ALX-Seat-eyept:Plastic instead of ALX_20inSeat-rev and it will give you a list of the individual seat X, Y & Z’s.


I can’t seem to be able to get the XYZs out of the Seat-eyept:plastic.

In fact, when I do a FamilyInstance.ByFamilyType out of the FamilyTypes(ALX-Seat-eyept:Plastic) the resultant node gives me an empty list.

It looks like the problem may not be about nested families, but in the array. Is there a way to get to parameters of an array member within a family?



I must still be doing something wrong or maybe I need to try a newer daily install (running 9.1)

Is is possible that it has to do with the array?


Could you please upload a sample file with an instance of the offending family.

here it is. I appreciate your wilingness to help

The seat family was not Shared and as a result wasn’t listed under Generic Models in the Revit project. Hence the null results.

This altered file should work.



I would have never been able to figure that out.

thank you

Alex, I wasn’t really aware of the Shared check box in the Family file when I began looking at your file.

I first noted that the probable reason for the nulls was that your seat family wasn’t listed in the Project Browser (under Families>Generic Models) in the Revit Project file.

However it was listed in the Family file.

On digging deeper I discovered the Shared parameter which was preventing the sub family from being listed in the Revit project.