Get non-shared Sub Components of nested Families

Hello Community!

I am looking forward to find a solution to get all the Sub-Families of a Family. We have a few hundred Families and currently there is no Overview which Family is nested in another Family.
I already found the way to get the Sub Shared Families which also need to be placed in the Parent Family.

Is there any way to geht also the non shared Sub Families out? Would be very helpful for me.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, i have seen that workaround, but thats not really working in my case

Can you explain i bit better what you want, maybe i don’t understand
You are asking almost the same thing i feel


Thanks to @erfajo I found a way to get all the Nested Families (Subcomponents or however you call them) out of a Family. Please see attached the Workflow on how I did it. It also extracts all the Families which are not placed and not shared which was the problem described above and also from the linked Thread.

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