Get results from panels Dynamo / RSA

Hi all
I work on a project in my master’s thesis that will optimize panels length. I have used the structural analysis package to communicate with RSA. I will now set a deflection requirement (L / 300) and need the maximum deflection in the panels, but the package only contains bars and node results.

I wonder if it is possible to create a ZeroTouch node that retrieves panels information from Dynamo and use it to get deflection result (princFE.UGZ) from RSA? This process will take place after Dynmo has performed the RSA analysis and only needs the deflection number from each panel.

I intend to use the example from the RSA API that is attached, but do not know if it will be possible to use it in the same model where structural analysis package is used.

Any salution, advice or guidance will help a lot.

That should be doable, either as C# or Python :slight_smile: as you do not need functionality from the analysis package downstream :slight_smile:

Upload your graph or rsa and I’ll have a look when I have a moment

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Takk @Jonathan.Olesen
Then I’ll try with Python first.

I have studied your master thesis and received a lot of inspiration.
Attached is a simple model of the graph that I started with.

Opt.dekke simpel versjon med visualisering.dyn (347.0 KB)

I have tried to create the script with Python, but do not get to the last line correctly. Do you know if it could be written differently? (2.2 KB)

I guess this is more or less what you want, though you’re currently getting results for e.g. bars and panels, not for the individual FE elements (from your getting of objects rather than “FiniteElems.GetAll()” :slight_smile:

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This works well :slight_smile: (2.6 KB)

Hi @Emmanuel_Weyermann! Lots of great work are done by people like @Jonathan.Olesen and @rezaar2MV53 with the Structural Analysis package. Unfortunately it’s not complete and this thread is one example of a missing node. Would it be possible to open-source the package so these contributors could extend the existing package, and not have to rewrite it from scratch?