Define panel number in the structural analysis package


I am using the structural analysis package within dynamo, for RSA, and I can’t seem to define the panel/object number, instead dynamo automatically creates its own.

I have seen in other API scripts posted on the forum people define their own panel numbers, however not combined with the structural analysis package.

Is it possible to both use the structural analysis package in dynamo, and use a python script that allows me to define the panel number I wish?
Please see a picture below of what I am trying to do.

Thanks for the help in advance,


From my knowledge: with the package you can’t define your panel/objectnumber.
If you start using API to define the numbers remember that it will probably screw up the built in calculate node. Maybe @JacobSmall or @Maciek_Kubica can tell you some more why this is.

Search on my name @1234eddie on this forum and the robot structural analysis forum. you will find different scripts full API (because the API script is faster then the build in nodes).

PS: the picture is not attached.

Hope this will help.

Gr Edward

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Thank you @1234eddie,

Apologies, your right I forgot to actually attach the picture but you have answered my question anyway.
I will take a look at some of your scripts you have posted in this forum.


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