Get Points of Floor via Dynamo

I’m getting the coordinates of the floors. But when using Floor.Points, it will output the first point you draw first. But my purpose is to want it to always take (X,Y) = (0,0) as the first point in this list (point 2). Then back to point 3 and back to point 0 → point 1.
Thank all !

After getting the points, group them by their X value, then sort the list of groups by the keys. Then sort the Contents of each group by the Y values.

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Thanks for your reply. But error as shown below. can you help me

Try setting the lists input at the end to @L2. This way for each key you are dealing with a list.

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Thanks for your reply. I did it but the result is not what I wanted. My idea is to get the point coordinates of the floor counterclockwise and the starting point always has (X,Y) = (0,0).

Difficult. I’d suggest trying this logic:

  • Find the centroid of the floor’s geometry
  • Find the corner points
  • Get their vector angle against the reversed X axis
  • Sort the points by their angles in CCW direction
  • Join the points as a polycurve

Assuming your floor boundaries are square or quite simple this should order them by bottom left upwards.