Get points from InterferenceCheck.Parse

Hey everyone

I’m currently trying to create a dyn script for constructing holes in walls, where there is a intersecting with a pipe/duct.
I have at this moment tried a lot of different ways to attempt this problem, without luck.
I have come up with a new idea, but I need a little help from you guys.

I need to get the intersecting points from the InterferenceCheck.Parse node but I do not know how to get the points out


Hi @rgs

the solid.centroid node will only work if you feed it a solid … Here you’re giving it revit elements.
That being said, it wont give you the center of the intersections between walls and ducts, it will just give you the centroid of both elements.

there are a couple of topics in the forum about what you’re trying to achieve. Here’s one of them :

I hope this helps



You need to first get the geometry and then get the intersecting points.

so it is not possible to get those point’s without using the geometry generator in dynamo ??

Coming soon…


Kulkul that look’s awesome.