Get part of a parameter? get rid of part of the characters?

is it possible to extract part of a parameter? right now it is extracting the whole type mark from the host wall of the door element.
im a noob in dynamo. so I have this to work with (attached) and what I would like to do is grab part of the type mark. the first letter to be exact. is there a way I can grab just the first letter or a node that removes characters? maybe substracting some characters.


What did you try so far yourself. I believe there is enough to find about this in the forums.


i dont know if theres a node that can do this? i tried seraching the forums and dont exactly know what im looking for as im very new with dynamo.
thank you

You can’t extract part of a value, but you can extract the whole thing and then dissect it with some string logic. Take a look at some of the string nodes to get an idea of what you should do. There are a couple that focus on getting substrings.

To add to that.

If your Mark allways starts with the same letter(s) or is the same length (i think you can also make them the same length first) it is a bit easier.

I felt ‘generous’. :stuck_out_tongue:


I will mark this as a solution for now, but will change it again if it doesn’t work for OP.