Generic Model Tag Host

Hi everyone,

I am trying to get the host of a Generic Model Tag in Dynamo like it is also possible in Revit:

In Dynamo I try with different nodes but nothing works.

Thank you!

FamilyInstance.GetHost requires a FamilyInstance as input not a Tag.

I’d expect Tag.GetHost() works. Which package it belongs to?

Why not just use Select Model Element to pick the host element if you only have one target ? If you are look for a batch process, retrieving hosts from tags is also achievable by a bit coding.

Yes this is why I also tried to get a Familyinstance from the types but this also does not work.

Its from “Zhukoven”.


The Tag.GetHost node needs a list as input.


Thanks Awesome. That works!

I found out it also works with: Tag.TaggedElement