Reading Furniture Tags hosted by linked elements

Hi guys

I’m trying to read the text off Furniture Tags by using the Tag.TagText node - apparently this can’t be done by getting all elements of category if the tags in questions are hosted by linked objects (that by the way also are nested).

Is there any way to get around this?


There has been a great deal of posts recently on reading info from Linked models and elements. Care to share what you do have? It would be helpful for those that are willing to help to see what you have

Hi @Christian_Boggild_Sc

Save as the custom node and edit this on python.

linkelementId= tag.TaggedElementId
and then again to get the element:
element = linkedDoc.GetElement(linkelementId)
This should read for link tags.

Hey Kulkul

I’m not quite following you - could you elaborate?

@Christian_Boggild_Sc Give me sometime i am away from my PC. I will elobrate in a while or someone else can put some lights on this.

@Christian_Boggild_Sc There is already builtin node “Tag.TagText” in Dynamo 1.2.1 that can read tags text value inside linked elements.

Thanks Kulkul.

That enables me to read the values, but now I’m failing to select the tags in question. I suppose this has something to do with the hosts being in a linked model? Any takes on this?

@Christian_Boggild_Sc What do you mean? Could you elloborate more as i can see you already got tags showing on watch node.

I want to have the tags in question selected within Revit. So basically the purpose of the definition is to enable me to select the tags i filter through Dynamo based on their content. This works great when the hosts are placed within the present model and not a link.

Background: I have a large project with a furniture model linked into the main model. As there are hundreds of repeating furniture items in the linked file and furniture tags are overlapping each other, I’d like to Tag All and afterwards select groups of tags by filtering based on their value through Dynamo. This would enable me to rearrangere tags bulk-style :slight_smile:

As far as I can tell this is impossible. I was trying to do something similar, but the Revit API appears not to allow it. No matter what I’ve tried I can’t seem to get the tag element from the API. You can get the tag IDs but you can’t do anything with them since you can’t retrieve the tag element itself which is bizarre and deeply frustrating.

I would’ve assumed you’d at least be able to get the tag to read from it, even if you couldn’t create a new one.