Get nested meshes from mesh

I am trying to convert a mesh that is imported from a public database into separate elements so parts can be deleted if needed. but when i try to convert it into polysurface and then into solids i am not getting al elements back.

is there a way to get the meshobjects within the mesh so i can use those to place in the project? or get all objects to be converted?

i suspect the meshes that are not converted are not closed but that is not realy a problem to me for the end result.

Not sure how to do this in dynamo, but look into Mesh Toolkit for a ‘disjoint’ node. I use that command in Rhino/Grasshopper and it achieves this easily there - hopefully it inspired the developers of meshTK to make something similar

you can used AI tools (Python 3) Open3d Packedge to do that

1- get all voxel of the mesh
2- cluster all voxel to groups
labels1 = np.array(downpcd.cluster_dbscan(eps=0.05, min_points=10))
3- Re convert each group the mech
bpa_mesh = o3d.geometry.TriangleMesh.create_from_point_cloud_ball_pivoting(rest,o3d.utility.DoubleVector([1radius, radius2]))

mybe the below example help you to write your code


I am still working in dynamo 2.6 plus my programming skills seem to lack somewhat :wink:
i am now trying to find the difference in geometry and use that for creating the missing geometry.
but dynamo and meshes are not a good match it seems.

is this better in the new version?

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@MaartenVroegindeweij , the mesh is from the bag3d which i import using your magical package. do you know if there is a way to get the meshes of the buildings as separate geometry into revit?