Get nested elements from linked family's


I’d like to be able to retrieve certain nested (generic model) family’s from family’s in a linked file.
So far iam able to search the element that contains the nested family’s iam looking for.

However i can’t find a node or any other way arround to get to the nested family’s other then on family instance.
Doing this on family instance is not preferable as there are many different family instances i’d like to get the same nested family from.

Can anyone help me get further?

What is the error message in the yellow tooltip?
Have you tried changing the lacing of the latest node to longest?

@Jean-Marc , @kleinnagelvoort hi

it gets nothing… hmmm :confused:



It expects Family Instance but was called with Revit.LinkElement.
It might be possible to get family instances out of the elements but i dont know how.
And even if i get that to work i’d preferably like to get all nested family’s from the revit linked elements.

@kleinnagelvoort ,

Native nested instances it does work.



Probably because it’s in the projectbrowser

@kleinnagelvoort try this using the Orchid package, for filtering nested families, check the following link:


Is Orchid a trustworthy developer @tradelie ?

I found it very strange the way you are suposed to install the packages comparing to all other package creators.

Yes it is :slight_smile:


@kleinnagelvoort one of the best!

Iam struggling hard to get it working tho

@kleinnagelvoort ,

I tried with select my linked Model.

This might be the solution, ill check back in tonight or tomorrow.
Thank you all in advance for the provided solutions!

This solved my problem, thank you very much :grinning:!
The next step is placing family’s based on the position of the nested family’s but thats for a different topic i suppose :sweat_smile:

yes @kleinnagelvoort , you have to get Element.Location use the points for placing instances.

unfortunately this returns an error message

@Draxl_Andreas i noticed when i uploaded it haha

the pic is unclear @kleinnagelvoort … maybe start a new topic!

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