Get Multiple Revit Link Elements (Pipes,Ducts)

I’m trying to collect all elements from multiple revit links.I found the post below.Its working fine for Categories(Sprinkler,Pipefitting,Accesory etc).:open_mouth:
But I need for pipes and
ducts also.

It’s possible in revit to collect all elements from linked file in schedule.

How can I get this in dynamo?:worried:

Thanks and Regards :slight_smile:

Isn’t Pipe and Duct a Category?

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I cant find it in category list.

Its available in element types.

Hi @bikashseas

Since your using older version of dynamo. Pipe category is “Pipe Curves” and duct category is “Duct Curves”.

And also see here for all old categories

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Hi @Kulkul :slight_smile:
I just realized the similarity between Pipe and Pipe curves .

Thank You.