Search for all elements in a pipe system between two elements

Hello Dynamo Experts

I have a problem for which I need a suggestion. Do you have any idea how I can create a multilevel list with dynamo nodes from my pipeline network, so that I get a multilevel list first with all elements between consumer A and start elements, then all elements between consumer B and start element.

I tried to create it somehow, but didn’t come up with a good idea. Maybe you know a node or have a clever solution. I am open to all suggestions.

Thank you very much

(My pipe system is created from supply and return pipes, my consumers are mechanical equipments as starting element)

The pipes need to have some identifier about which part of the network they belong to. You have to input those values manually, and once you have that, its easy to make filtered revit schedules without the use of dynamo.

MEPover package

Hi Andrej, it would be the first step in my script, and I would get by without manual input.
I think it should also work automatically as I have start and end elements and want to find the shortest pipe path between them and list them for each consumer.
@ruben.romero - I tried MEPover, but couldn’t find a solution with it. Do you have any suggestions?