Get all linked elements from all linked files

Hi Guys,

Long post, bare with me please…

I’m trying to get all linked elements from all linked files for export to MSSQL. (Including params)

So far I can do it individually but I want to collect everything at once in a much cleaner method.

For example working with the linked Revit files I need to create a graph for each link instance.

I can get a list of linked documents but I haven’t found any way of taking the list and passing it to a node that takes a Revit link input. On top of that all the nodes that “get all elements” I’ve tried need to specify each category…

you can imagine the type of graph I end up with.

On average we have 13 linked files, everything from arch, ID, Struc, MEP, EL, Plumbing etc…

Plus the 630 categories… The graph becomes unmanageable. Plus we wont always need those 630 categories…

I’m using Ampersand, archilab, bumble bee, datashapes, dynatools, evolve lab, Geniusloci, grimshaw, lunchbox, meshtoolkit, orchid, rhythm, slingshot, springs, steamnodes, synthesize, White standard, zebra. REVIT 2019 & Dynamo 2.0.3 daily.

I can do a little python so if that’s the case I’ll go there, just checking in with the pro’s.

TLDR; Does anyone know of any packages that will help me get all linked documents, then all the elements in those linked files?

For anyone looking for ways to get this done as a current work around…

Multi-Category Schedule -->
All Fields -->
Include External Links -->
Archisoft Tools - Export to Excel -->
Excel to SQL