Get item at index from list

Hi everyone,
I am new to dynamo and I know my question is basic. but I tried to take item 0,1 from list 0 with get item at index but I couldn’t. I only need list 0.
Thanks for your help

Hi @amirjalaliafshar,
You don’t need to supply [0…1] to get the 2 items at index 0.
Simply put in 0 in the code block and it should do the trick.


If you wish to get the two items at Index 0 and 1 then try this

Btw, your blue markup shows that you want the values for curveEndpoints but in the GetItemAtIndex node you are inputting the curves instead of curveEndpoints. See if that is why you have difference in values!

I would suggest you take a look into how List’s Levels work to get the best out of Dynamo.

Thanks a lot