Get input element IDs of a connection


I’d like to get the input element ID’s (or GUID) of a Structural Connection.

Here, for instance: Elements 29863 and 295910

Currently, the connection’s parameters that I retreive with the Element.Parameters node only include the Input Elements as section type (e.g. UC305x305x97).

Can someone help?


This should help:

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for your reply but no, it doesn’t help. I don’t need the category id. I’d like to get the elements (by ID) that are connected to a Structural connection.

It looks like Dynamo for Revit does not have any node for getting that information.
You could use python the access the Revit .NET API to get the connected elements.

And here is the sample script used in the pictures
get connected elements.dyn (5.9 KB)

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Solved, thanks Vlad!

99% certain there is an element id node, but if not try using elem.Id in a code block.

I’ll confirm the node later.