Get Index of Code Block Values

Hello Everyone,

I am looking to get indices of code block values. I tried to use List.AllIndices but had no luck :frowning:.Thanks in Advance.

Set lacing to longest in your List.AllindicesOf

Thanks @Mohammadz I already tried all lists options it doesn’t work.

There are duplicate values in list[0] and list[1]. I am trying to find indices of values where it matches with code block.

please post your script

try using index.of equals and set the lacing to cross product

As Mohammadz says, it should just work with lacing set to longest:

Are you sure you’re comparing integers with integers?

Thanks @T_Pover It doesn’t work see below. @Mohammadz It is just simple integers as shown below. @Tom_James I tried that it doesn’t work.

Something like this?

IndexOf.Equals is from the Landform package

Thanks @Tom_James Still no luck :frowning: I have posted my final result of index in code block below. I am trying to get index’s based on criteria. I don’t need all index’s. Hope the below image explains clearly.

This is one of the solutions which works for your problem.

Hi @Ritesh_Chandawar My result doesn’t match with your graph. I need the result as below. Your getting so many indices in your list.clean node.

This is what you’re looking for.