IndicesOf Python node


Thanks to you guys, I could learn Dynamo easily.

And now, I can write Python code. Fun!!!

Here is a simple one I wrote. It’s about IndexOf node which I leaved a question about a few days ago here.

IndexOf returns only first index of matching items.

This simple code returns multiple matching indices.

이미지 2







Love python.!!


Hello Hyunu Kim ,

We are tracking this issue under MAGN-6190

I will get back to you once it is fixed.

Keep Using Dynamo!




I tried your script for my problem

but i get an empty list do you know why: connected the list to int[0] and the point to int[1]






Check this post:


Hi guys i have a similar problem with extracting and mapping data, i hope you can help me

What im trying to do is the following:

1-i have created a parameter in the revit families and assign a unique code to each

2- in excel i have the same code and a price for each code

3- im trying to map the cost from excel to each of the revit families using the code i gave them

im stuck getting in the point shown in the image, i try the CADesigner solution but its only for finding one value in a list, i need to map a list against a list. any ideas?

Thanks! i have learn a lot in this forum and in the Hyunu youtube channel.



Check if this script works for your problem: