Get All Visible Linked Elements from Section View

Hi All,

I’ve searched through all the dynamo forums and couldn’t find an answer to this, not even sure if it’s possible. But the FilteredElementCollector function doesn’t seem to like sections and links.

I’ve tried to use the DataShapes custom node for this but it’s returning a null.

Upon further inspection, it seems like there’s no argument at all for section views.

Is there a way of implementing this to extract for section?

Hello @shuzmm ,

i have done this exercise before,
you can have a reference from this script,
if it is not working in your system then try to adjust node highlighted in the screenshot.
GeometryCutBySectionView.dyn (57.0 KB)

Basic logic behind this script is to create a solid box from section view (depend upon the Length, width and height) and try to find the elements clash with the solid box. Elements which are clash with the box will be visible in the section view. (it may be half cut or completely visible)

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