Get FloorPlan of room

Hi, I’m trying to get a floor plans that is the same level to a room to create elevations of the room. At the moment my thoughts are get the level of the room. Then find floor plan views that equal that level name. But im struggling to swap out the list.

Figured out a workflow that should be working but the replace item if true is replacing the number, not the value…but it replaces the value with level 1. Anyone know whats up with that?

hi Vanman,

Tbh, I’m not fully following the description or the script. If you want a floor plan of a room why not make a floor plan using the Room element? As the Room will have a level stored within its parameters?

Also which package is your ‘RevitNodes.ElevationInRoom’ from?



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omg sorry. Was quite tired after yesterday afternoon. It was for elevations! not rooms!

I would just use a FilterByBooleanMask and the == node if your just trying to get equal ones. You could also try the ElementsAtLevel (or similar name :slight_smile: ) and set it for Room category and the level you want.

Thanks Sean, I probably dont fully understand but was trying with filterbybooleanmask but it turns up yellow

I took the insides out of the replace item if true node and it seems like I got a list in it that gives me what I need! however not sure how stable it will be.

Look into using List@Level of your nodes.

As @SeanP noted, limit your filtering by using == and finding the exact views. otherwise you´ll find many, in which case you could pick the first.


Yes,your lists aren’t equal length so you’ll need to also adjust lacing and/or Levels.

Thank you! workflow looks good. Will give it a go. Manged to get this one below to work too.