Renaming only the Floor Plans and not Ceiling Plans

Hey guys,

So I created this script where I want to rename only the floor plan views and not the ceiling plan views. But I’m not able to sort the two out as both have the same view name which “Level”

I’m able to filter out the other views like elevations and sections as they do not contain the “Level” string.
Any workaround this?

Use an Element.Type node and filter by that since FloorPlan and ceiling plans should have different values.

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Thanks SeanP. I used the Elements.Type node and then the groupbykey list to make this work. Let me know if there’s any other way to approach it. Thanks again!

I dont know if all these nodes are still there.

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Ok made it a simple script.

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Take a look at this. A little python can save a lot of nodes.

GetAllCeilingPlanViews.dyn (3.1 KB)