Get Feet-inch Value as String

Hello hive mind!
I’m trying to get the value as displayed in two parameters and concatenate them into a string. In the image attached, I wish to use the two values and arrive at 18’ - 0" x 9’ - 0".
I can “see” the value as a text, but the dimension extracted is numeric.

I went about inverting the list, extracting the values, but it’s not a string I can perform operations on.

I feel like I’m going around in circles, and there’s a very simple solution. What’s the best way to go about this?

Thanks everyone!

Hi :slight_smile:

I think this might help you :

Thanks for your reply, Mellouze.
The package is adding an extra inch for some reason!

I do not have the Springs package installed. Best I can do is to advise you to double-click on the node, copy-paste its content in your .dyn and see where does the error occur :confused:

Hi @praddyban

Looks good to me. May be its because your using 2.x :thinking:

@praddyban i guessed it right extra inch shows in Dynamo 2.x. However i managed to fix the custom node. Is this what you need?

@Kulkul Oh Yes! Absolutely!
I had to uninstall Dynamo 2.x as I wasn’t able to run Dynamo 1.3 and it worked. But I do wish to work in 2.x going forward.
What was the fix, and also, how did you get the 0" to show?

Hi @Kulkul,
Could you please share the script in the custom node?

Hi @praddyban

Yes, sorry was got busy with some work. Here is the custom node Feet2Fraction(forPraddy).dyf (13.5 KB)

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And here is another possible way using OOTB nodes:

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