Get Curve of Curtain Wall Panel Geometry


I am trying to extract Curtain Wall Panels Geometry in Current View only, in order to apply detail line on boundary curve location.

So far I am getting all curtain wall panels although im specifying current view only, also cannot seem to transform solid to curve geometry:

Hi @Tim.r here is some option could probably help…


Thank you Søren, this is defintely what I was after, however last panels for some reason turn on their side:

I changed slightly the vector orientation and it created lines horizontally bu not vertically, and tried the vector.x but no avail.

Looks like i managed to solve it :grinning:
How do i get the remaining lines, they seem to be missing for some reason:

Hi you could try something here as well–


Hey Søren, it worked, much more straight forward, thanks again! :slightly_smiling_face:

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