Glazed Window in Curtain Panel Part of Space/Room Geometry

Does anyone know how to extract or even if its possible through the API to get the geometry of a window part of a curtain panel that includes both solid panels and glazed. Attached are some pictures for reference.

Attached is a sample file…

@Arif_Hanif Could you please provide a small sample file.

CurtainPanelWindow.dyn (4.3 KB)

I was hoping to get vertices of just the window instance but i think i can expand on what you gave me. I was hoping to create an intersection of just the window (ignore all solid wall) with the space geometry solid to simplify some extraction for energy model.

@Arif_Hanif In that case, you should be able to extract Window geometry directly
Translating the location point based on the height and width values should give you the vertices.

Wow didnt even think about that was making it more complicated then needed as i was thinking this would not pick up nested windows. This is surprising then that gbxml export or the analytical model are not picking those windows.