Get ColorScheme

Hello everybody! How I can get list of the ColorScheme?

they are not exposed in API. you can’t do anything with color schemes in Dynamo. :frowning:

Here’s an interesting video that provides a possible alternative for reading existing color schemes through image detection:


I haven’t figured out a way to do this yet, but I have found some nodes that help build your own custom color controls.

I attached a script with the nodes to check out as it took awhile to figure out how the color nodes go. They also process off our own internal parameters, but it should give you an idea of where to get started overriding colors.

The custom Node “Rythem” is used here to override just the line colors, but to the far right of the script has the OOTB element overrides for color control. (NOTE: USING THIS METHOD WILL PERMANENTLY FILL THE COLORS ON THE OBJECTS, THERE IS NO WAY TO RESET TO THE COLOR BACK TO ‘STOCK’ OTHER THAN DELETING THE VIEW AND CREATING NEW.)

(The Rythem package overrode the stock edges (It won’t show on the overrides, but you can still reset the override like you would normally thru Revit.)

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