Get all views node missed

Hi everybody,
I try to find the node get all views from the arch-lab package but it is missed.
anyone know where can i find it or a similar node?
i installed the latest version of the package but it isnt there.

Hi @pedroSU62A ,

try uninstalling archi-lab, closing and reopening revit, then reinstalling the package.

This node has been replaced by View.GetByType which allows you to select all views of given type instead of queering ALL the views ALL the time. Please download the latest Archi-lab package.


thank you

Hi Konrad,
Since the node get all views changed, my script of dynamo to create sheets with this node doesn’t work.
see attached a screen shot
It was working perfect during months, i dont understand why with the new node it doesn work.

Dynamo 101 mate. The light grey color of the node indicates that its missing an input value. Please search for View Types dropdown node and provide appropriate input.

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Done, Thank you.
But after add all the nodes and the info with the new node of “View.getbytype” a problem appears with the code block.
Sheets are created, views are added in the sheet but not placed in the correct place as the template sheet.
Plus the error in the code block
I am amateur in Dynamo, so if anyone can help me i will be glad.

kind Regards

Hi @pedroSU62A

Remove null values at List.GetItemAtIndex. You can use List.Clean node with PreserveIndices set to false.

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Hi Kullkul
i will add it,
But if i add the node in between the list.getitematindex and the code block it doesn’t work neither.
Do you think i have to change the Code block?

Kind Regards

@pedroSU62A Could you please be more specific what exactly your trying to do?

Before archilab deleted the node get all the views, i will have a script to create sheets and placed views in them from an excel file.
Now after the node get all the views is missed and i am using the node “View.GetByType”, the script doesn’t work 100%

@pedroSU62A Here is another possible way to filter views by type.

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How do i get 3D views and column schedule to have only one string when pulled from ???

Start a new topic please. This was already answered.