Get all views in dynamo 1.3.1

Can you help me seach note in package “Get all views” in dynamo 1.3.1. If old version note get all views we can see it in archi-lab but now at dynamo ver 1.3.1 i can not see it.Hep me find please

Thank you for your suggestion but i now i wanna “Drawing sheet” in Get all view. I can’t find in View.GetBy type.Please help me.See picture bellow

I did this after adding the “view type”



Try “Categories”(Sheets), and "All Elements of Category"
Having a Red Node means you dont have the Package installed or a version of the Package that is outdated.


Thanks Marcel_Risus!

Hi @Bach

Use the View.Type and View.GetType nodes. These new nodes has the drop down functionality.


I really thank KulkulI and I solved the problem after follow your way!