Get All Filled Regions in a Revit File

Based on a graph image posted by Sol Amour in , I was able to create this graph that creates a list of all Filled Regions in a Revit file. (Thanks for the help!)












Originally, I tried to set the Categories node to FilledRegion, and pass that through the All Elements of Category node, but that resulted in an empty list.














Changing the category to TextNotes resulted in a list of Text items in the same Revit file, so I am wondering why setting the Category to FilledRegion fails. Did I do something wrong in my graph, or does this just not work for Filled Regions?

This is one of revit’s many idiosyncrasies. Filled Regions don’t have a category of their own. A quick check is to go to your V/G settings and look for them. They’re not there and that means that they do not belong to the top level categories and can not be collected with a category filter. Tho they do have their own class in the API, so they can be collected with a class filter like so:





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Thank you! That is more straightforward, and probably executes faster in a large file with a lot of Detail Components.