Create Filled Region elements from types available in the project

Hello, I just came up with a nice script which can be usefull for dealing with graphic arrangement of a model or a template. I am using it for keeping my library clean, and hope anybody else could profit :wink:

It basically retrieves every filled pattern type in a project and creates filled region elements for each one of them, making it easier to check and organize them further, and keep your project clean.
Feel free to suggest any improvement!

Requires GeniusLoci and Springs packages installed.

Create filled region element for every type in project.dyn (53.2 KB)


Thanks for sharing !

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Very welcome @Alban_de_Chasteigner thank you for your precious nodes and help :slight_smile:
Next step I’ll try to close my originary filled region intent and see if I can get anywhere with it!
I am trying to set a material/graphics template for Revit and think these tools can be pretty useful for such an annoying purpose! And maybe do some training with Dynamo as well :wink:

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