Object Styles export to excel

I have to export all object styles names/descriptions/layers from a template into a .xlsx file. I have searched for a node to get this information and split them in lists but no success so far.

Any thoughts about this case or any similar?

Thanks in advance!

Yes this can be done, though it seems most people are doing it via Python at the moment since there is no out of the box nodes.

Example Code for alignment style Name: Get list of styles - #6 by Alex.ColeAAFHE

Civil 3d api references: Help

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@Brendan_Cassidy thanks for the guideline and the python code/API references for C3D

Still a doubt: as I’m not too familiar with Python Scripts and references, could you please help me out with this message?


Line 29 is about creating an alias to the Autodesk.AutoCAD.ApplicationServices.Application class

That’s a tall order! AMR Civil Nodes package can get the names of different types of styles but there’s a node for each object type so there’s a ton. Camber can help set styles but not really get all styles like that. GL!

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This Gives you a list of all the style names in the document under the setting, i.e alignment