Geometry working range


Is it possible to get the warning message in a custom node if the geometry working range is not set correctly? Unlike the OOTB nodes is doesn’t seem possible. Thanks

@Paul_Wintour I don’t think geometry working range warnings should be any different from other geometry node warnings. I don’t think we ever got warnings to work well with custom nodes in the first place. Can you share an example where you see regular warnings and not geometry range warnings?

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Hi Aparajit

An example where this is a problem is renumbering rooms. I’ve removed my workaround from the ‘Room.RenumberByModelCurve’ node from the BVN package which scaled the geometry down to perform an intersection with a model curve. However if users are in mm, they need to set their working range to Large for the intersection to work. In its expanded form, the workflow will flag an error/warning advising users to change the geometry working range. In a custom node however, its concealed and I’be been inundated with people saying the node doesn’t work, when in reality its their geometry working range. Is there anyway to expose the error/warning in the custom node?

@Aparajit_Pratap any ideas?

@Zach_Kron @Racel do you know if we have been able to propagate errors from within custom nodes to the home workspace or if we ever got this behaviour to work? Any alternatives you can think of to suggest to @Paul_Wintour?

We have not implemented the propogation of error warnings to the workspace from custom nodes, unfortunately. My recollection is that is got a little weird around finding the right warning to get (usually there are multiple). In any case, no, Geometry Working Range is not unusual in this case, but I completely get where this would be an issue for users. That being said, I think that users will be having other places in the graph that will be surfacing errors if they are doing other geometry operations with large numbers. So, changes made to account for those visible errors will also fix the problems in the custom nodes.

I thoughts so. I’ll just add a text note to warn the users. Would be good to get it working in future updates if possible. Thanks

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Yipp, I agree i have the problem that my clients are dealing with different rvt files and different geometry-ranges but my code remains the same, I’d like to adjust the working range from inside the code.