Geometry within a boundary & Geometry outside another geometry

Hi all

  1. we want to keep a set of given geometry within a geometrical boundary, how do we achieve that in dynamo? is there a node for that?

  2. we want to ensure a geometry is NOT within another geometry foot print, how do we achieve that in dynamo? is there a node for that?

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I think you can do what you’re after, with a few nodes… Here’s an example which gets geometry from a scope box to find what’s inside it…

Here’s one to find what’s inside an Area…

Depending exactly what you mean by Keep, you could use a node to select in Revit or to make a group? If you select everything in a view, for example then filter out what’s in the geometry, you’ll be left with everything else?

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Thanks Mark! we’ll look into your solutions and see if they are what we are looking for.

regards, Arman

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element.geometry and geometry intersect nodes might come in handy here

is there a node that will delete a geometry if a Boolean is false?

Dynamo geometry isn’t deleted - it’s created and not passed upstream. If you’re looking to delete a Revit element, Tool.Eraser, which I believe is in the steamnodes package should work.

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Dear Experts,
I was trying to use this script. But could not manage to success. Can you help me please?