Problem when obtaining only the geometric intersections

Good morning.
I have a problem… please I would like your help…
I’m trying to get the intersection between the geometries… I just want to get the intersection as a result… but it doesn’t work for me… !
What am I doing wrong… thank you very much for your help

Geometry intersec.rvt (6.2 MB)

Hello @AM3D.BIM.STUDIO probably something could work in that case…

or something

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Hi, I believe this is what you need :slight_smile: You only had to get rid of intersections, represented by an element, intersecting itself, which is the the element’s own geometry

Here’s your updated graph:



Hi @danail.momchilov nice one…but think you still will need a prune or something here,ps i only count the solids …

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Hi, yes you are right, might be a good idea cleaning anything other than a solid in the end (or along the way) :slight_smile:

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yeah agree :wink: i would try do it in the beginning so we dont have nulls…yeps many ways here and thats nice :wink:


Yeap! In the beginning might be actually even better, as you don’t get these warnings as in my graph :wink:

PS: I adore new Dynamo’s interface… we are still behind on upgrading our models, so I am still stuck with 2.6 (2021) :frowning: anyway, coming soon

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yeah thats nice i like the new interface very much :wink:

Thank you all for your support…

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Is it possible for me to import this DYN file? probably i couldn’t do the same :frowning :frowning: :

Hi @kadirhidis1 …sorry dont have it anymore, have you tried what i showed, try show an image where you are stock…

Kesişmeler.dyn (57.3 KB)

I actually want to subtract the areas of these intersecting surfaces from their surfaces.
Can you help with this? Thank you in advance. I am grateful.

Hello seems like an other topic…please dont make duplicate post…see you already ask for it :wink: and if it not the same please make a new topic…good luck

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I’m trying to do what you’re doing this hasn’t happened to your chain I tried to do the same. i made the file? If you look at it it seems like enough for me.
Kesişmeler.dyn (57.3 KB)