Geometry.Transform - Accessing Data

I appreciate the help in advance, my first time dabbling in transformed geometry and I need to put on the training wheels.

Problem -

  1. I have some rotated line geometry that I would like to get “un-rotated” through use of transformed coordinate systems

  2. I am successfully able to rotate the geometry using the geometry transform node

  3. (Where the problem arises) I am unable to access the start, end and vector information from my geometry.transform node using my normal means (clockwork element location+). The list returned is an empty list. I would like to be able to utilize the start, end and vector data that is output from the geometry transform node.

Any ideas on how to access this data?


i think element,location+ needs a revit element
this video explains a lot of the concepts at hand

As Marcel says, you’re after geometry not element data…

It was ages before I found out about the Line.Direction node…

Hope that’s of interest,