Geometry (line+nurbs+arc) from Dynamo to Revit

Hello everyone.

First of all, I´d like to say sorry for my ignorance about Dynamo for Revit. I´m a Dynamo for Civil 3D user friendly.

I am trying to import an alignment from Civil 3D into Revit with CivilConnection package. I have the alignment within Dynamo but I am not able to import that geometry in the Revit model in order to interact with the geometry. As you can see in the image I attach below, the alignment has been created successfully but I cannot select it in the Revit model (left side of the screen).

I have already used the node called ModelCurve.ByCurve but this node breaks some entities down from the alignment (curve and clothoid) in multiple tiny lines so this is not a real alignment.

Any suggestions in order to get the entities (Line + NurbsCurve + Arc) in the Revit model correctly? Then, I would like to join them and convert the category of the element into an alignment category (new feature in the Revit 2021 released for civil infrastructures).

Thanks a lot.

As far as I know, the infrastructures categories in 2021 can only contain objects created by the infraworks import.

Also Revit 2021 is not built to work with alignments in the way you’re after - you’ll need to accept the conversion to segments, or build an adaptive component. There may be some changes on this in 2022, but I haven’t dug into that much myself yet.

Thank you for your reply @JacobSmall.

I want to build a script that allows me not only be able to import alignments from Infraworks to Revit, but also to import those alignments created in Civil 3D within Revit ecosystem.

I thought that you can assign a category to an element, for instance, a straight line I can assign the category “alignment” and now I can work with the features that the category provides me. Besides, not being able to import an alignment with clothoids, curves, etc… and having that alignment broken down in tiny segments, its not real and I cannot work with that. May @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 has a deeper understanding of what I am behind or know a specific node for this issue.

Otherwise, I will look into it with Rhino inside Revit and Grasshopper.

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CivilConnection creates nurbs curves in the alignments for spiral segments.

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Thank you for the reply @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 .

I could check that Civilconnection transforms clothoids into nurbs curves. My issue is when I try to export those geometries in Revit model. I´d like to maintain those geometries and not having multiple tiny and straight segments like the ModelCurve.ByCurve node does. Is there any chance to achieve that goal?

Thank you so much.