Civil 3D to Revit by Dynamo

Is it possible for us to create a:

  1. Convert the block into a points then export the coordinates using dynamo in civil3D
  2. Import the data from the excel file to Revit by those points.

2nd Phase
What if I have a rectangle block rotated.
I want to extra a point with the angle in civil3d.

Then import it in Revit?

I would like to automate how I create model from AutoCAD or civil3D to Revit.

I think the community will benefit more in this script.

I appreciate your help all.



Check out the CivilConnection package. Documentation here.


Autocad can generally do this using good block/family design, and the dataextract command. Dynamo wont make good blocks/families for you, make sure you get that part right first and the rest is just data/list management

I have a Family that are already in Revit. I just need those script to work with both Civil3D and AutoCAD.

But I am not sure how and I have a time frame to work on it. That is why if I can grab anything on anyone to work with that will be a big help.

Try this sort of approach. It relies on having consistent block origins, names and rotations.

If you are working to a deadline ensure you have time to manually achieve this if you are not familiar with dynamo. Dont try to learn it in a rush as its a hard program to learn that way.

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I think this is it what I am looking for. I will try to work on it at my satisfaction.

I very much appreciate your expertise.


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