Geometry, join by intersection

Hi guys,

I am working on a script for generative design and I was wondering, I generate my points at intersection, what tool are you using to join all points at intersections?

Not sure what you mean by join points at intersection? You can’t join points together. You can remove coincident points, or get average point of a set of points which I guess could be considered joining I suppose.

Can you clarify with a little more information, say an image or diagram of what you are trying to achieve? You will find people will be more able to help you.

I want to “trim” the line that goes after the intersection point so I can create a surface in it :slight_smile:
from that I can generate a floor/geometry and work with it!

Well, if you have a point and a line that passes through it then you could just create a new line with one end at the furthest point on that line away from that intersection point and the other end to the intersection point.

If you search Trim Line in the forum, you’ll see quite a few solutions that might be what you want.

I’m stuck here… I don’t find similar stuff , or it doesnt seem to work for my case… will keep looking

I found something, saying it is impossible to create surface after this… the problem is how do you define offset if it is not the same from front/back and sides… ?

That certainly is not the case.

However you might have an easier time with a less complex logic flow. Try this:

  1. Offset your edges by your given distances.
  2. Build a surface from the original outline of the site.
  3. Extend each start and end of the curves by 2x the largest offset so they are longer than they need to be.
  4. Extrude the extended lines along the Z axis into surfaces.
  5. Join the surfaces into one Polysurface.
  6. Split the surface that was created with the original outlines into a series of resulting zones.
  7. Find the point at parameter 0.5,0.5 on the original surface.
  8. Filter our the split surfaces which don’t touch the previous midpoint.

Hi Jacobs,

Thanks for your reply I will put it in my tutorial folder.
I did it differently according to an online tutorial, you can see the workflow here ;

I am close to where I want to go!
thanks for your help sir!