How to join surface

Hello Dynamo forum

I’m currently trying to make on big surface from rooms at a level.
but I’m having some issues making this happening. As you can see in the image, I have the rooms finish boundary in surfaces. I’m trying to join these surfaces with the PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves node. But they do not join. Do any of you know how to make this happen, in any way. because I’m a little stuck

thank you all in advance :slight_smile:


It’s pretty hard to do when there’s space between lines.

  • Find the width of the walls.
  • The walls are shifted to the line and offset by width.
  • Combine all the lines you have in your hand and turn to the surface.
  • All will be a single surface.

so the issue is that the gabs are to big ?


You cannot merge non-intersecting objects. Make them intersect and the problem will be solved.

That offset being Omni-directional may result in bad results in a real test case. Might be better off using another source such as areas (which can be defined by area separation lines at the center of the walls you want to divide around).

If you extract the points from the lines/Pcurves etc you can use convex hull. it works like a shrinkwrap though so if you have protruding geometry you won’t get crisp 90 degree corners. spring nodes has a good one for points if interesting. Then patch for surface.

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