Geometry binding


I am designing a script to parametrically design some solids and import them into Revit. The workflow is structured in such way:

  1. Pick model line in Revit
  2. Extrude a solid along the line.
  3. Export solid to Revit.

The problem I am facing is that the imported geometry in Revit disappears or rotates when I select another model line. I am aware that this is due to Dynamo binding, but I cannot grasp the exact way how to implement a workaround.

As you can see old geometry in the bottom rotated after selecting another model line and rerunning the script.

Any suggestions for a workaround?

Check out this topic. If that doesn’t make it clear for you, search for Element Baking

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The topic link didn’t seem to post in @Daan’s thread, so I’ll plug this one: Element Binding in Revit

The associated AU session is also worth reviewing.

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Thank you, this was helpful! I used the method which implies cutting/pasting of the generated geometry and rerunning the script.

the issue I had with geometry rotating was coming from elsewhere. It was due to Dynamo importing other solid with the same family name into the model. I added a part to the script which increases the family number with every present family in the document, e.g. NAME_01, NAME_02, etc.