GeniusLoci: Create Compound System FamilyType Node

Hello people!

I have a question regarding the “Create Compund System FamilyType” Node from tge GeniusLoci package. Does anyone have some documentation how this node works? I am having some problems understanding what the inputs should be or how they should look like.

I managed to create a wall type with just one “Structure” Layer like this:

But as soon as I try to assign some other LayerFunction, like for example “Thermal/Air Layer”, “Membrane Layer” or “Finish” it doesn’t work.

Oddly enough it works when I input “Substrate” it works… I am using German Revit and I even tried the German annotation for layer (“Nichttragende Schicht”, “Dämmung/Luftschicht”) but it didnt work.

And the seconds part of the question is how would I go about creating Walls with multiple layer of different functions? For example a dry wall with multiple boards? I tried feed the node with a list of materials and layer functions but it doesnt work.

Is the thickness input meant for the overall wall thickness or layer thickness? How do I define which material applies to which layer?

ahhh… Just answered the first part of the question myself. I looked at the RevitAPI documents and the “proper” naming of the LayerFunction is:


Hi Borna,

Use the Enumerate LayerFunction node to find the layer functions.

To create walls with multiple layer and different functions, follow this example: