Translate/move references linked object for automatic dimensioning

Hi all,

I’m busy on a automatic dimensioning script. I found a way to do this for each element but can’t find a way to do is for linked elements. I have to find a way to translate/move the references of the linked element but that doens’t seem to be possible.
Is somebody fimilar with this issue? How can i resolve this? Any suggestions?

Because of company policy i’m not able to share the project or family. I’ll try to give as much information possible.


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Hi @Jens.Mrqn,

Your graph isn’t readable.
You can zoom into a single node and use the camera icon in the top right corner to capture your screenshot.

Use the Convert Linked Reference node with a link instance for linked elements.


Thanks for the remark Alban. Also, the Convert Linked Reference node did the job, thanks a lot.

Hi, what’s package for Convert Linked Reference node?


The node is in the Genius Loci package.

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