Genius Loci "Set ColorFill Scheme Properties" Node Quesiton

Attached image shows my current script for Revit '23 project. Result of the node keeps coming up “null”. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Hi @walter.bronerG9XGH,

For Revit 2023 or 2024, be sure to install the DynamoIronPython2.7 package to use custom nodes written in ironPython.

What exactly are you trying to do ?
For the moment, the graph seems to do nothing (obtaining value then writing values ​​in the same place)

The suggested package is installed. I’m trying to get the colorfill scheme definitions from color scheme “First Floor Base Bid” into other color schemes that are assigned to different area schemes (in the example image it’s “Areas (Function of Space)”. I am not having any problems extracting information (using the Get node) from any of the schemes, but the set functionality is not working for me.

Yes, when I rushed to take the picture, the other scheme was not connected. But when connected, it didn’t work for me.


You’re not showing your updated graph with previews enabled under the nodes so I can’t help.
Make sure you have the updated Genius Loci package.

An example :

Copy values.dyn (19.7 KB)