Area Schemes: duplicate, create new, or rename?

Hello all,

I have been trying to figure out how to duplicate an area scheme (and ultimately color schemes) automatically. I have been researching this for a quite a bit now and havent been able to find any working suggestions. I have been successful in using the GeniusLoci nodes to get color fill scheme data.

The manual workflow that I am trying to automate would be 1. Transfer project standards to a blank project file. 2.Rename the area scheme 3. Transfer project standards back into the original project as a new area scheme, thus bringing in the original color fill schemes into a new area scheme.

With the new color fill scheme api and the Genius Loci nodes, I could transfer the entries into a new scheme without having to create a new project except I cant find a way to create a new area scheme. I also could create a new project and transfer those settings but I cant rename that schemeā€¦

Can anyone offer suggestions for the logic I am trying to achieve within the current dynamo / Revit API functionality?

Hi @robsawall,

To create a new color scheme use the Duplicate node in the Genius Loci package.
You will be able to change the name with an Element.SetName node or maybe the Set Color Scheme Properties node.

I am looking for the area scheme. The color scheme can be created easy enough with those nodes, but I am looking to create the color schemes in a new area scheme.

@Alban_de_Chasteigner, do you know of a way to duplicate the area scheme? Rentable duplicated to Rentable 1 for example? Ultimately I want to keep the color scheme from the original rentable, but I can use the Genius Loci nodes for that part I believe.