Genius Loci Nested List issue with Create Compound System FamilyType Node

Hi I’m trying to create a graph that will create wall types from a list of materials but for some reason I think my list structure is off and I can’t figure out why. Could be a basic issue, not used to dynamo. This is just a short sample with only two items, just wanted to get the structure before using a longer list. For some reason if the wall types are on a lower level it only does the first one. If the wall types are properly duplicated based on naming, they are all the same construction. Can’t find the right configuration for the lists and the node so the walls are created according to the nested list materials and thicknesses. Also it seems to duplicate the process and get too many duplicated wall types in the end. What is the list structure SUPPOSED to be for this node? Thanks!!

Ideally for this to work you’d want all elements to sit in a matching list structure like the first one. I’d introduce some List.Flatten nodes for any list with two sublists and see if that works.

Alternatively, you can use @L2 for lists with two sublists, and @L1 for those with one list and that might work, but it probably isn’t a good way of solving it.

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Hey Gavin,
Thanks for your help. I’ve been trying to get the list structure to match but there’s something off and I tried a few different ways. I can get it to work like this:

But that’s only the same wall with the same material structure over and over which is not useful.

If I try to split up the walls into sub-list then the node only creates the first wall. Not sure what structure it needs to be in. I wish the node would give you some hints.

How else could the structure of the list be created?

Thanks again

This is a graph that reads the structure of the list properly but only does the first wall and ignores all the others (in this case there’s only two). Why does the node not do the second wall?

Just got it thanks!

That Worked

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I’m glad you found a way but what about the longest lacing ?
It’s really the easiest :wink:

Yes it worked! Great thanks for the help. Didn’t know you could do that!