Generative Design with external program

I want to use external program and optimize a building architecture by generative design.
However, I can not get multiple outputs.
I checked that Data Remenber Nodes were put properly.

My concern is that my external program output result by .csv file, so my Dynamo receive external program’s output by .csv file.

Could someone give me an idea to solve in this case?

Assuming you obtain only one list of data (with no sub lists) from the csv file …

Might require a little more processing if the csv isn’t this simple, but I suppose you can apply the same logic

I am sorry for not explain enough. I can import multiple data from .csv file. Only one way dynamo execution can go properly, but my problem is in Genetative Design process.

When I execute Generative Design I cannot get any Pareto solution, can only get one solution.

we’d need the graph to execute here to help, as the reasons for why could be nearly infinite. Off the top of my head:

  1. the graph can only provide one result no matter what due to a logic error
  2. there is one optimal solution for all variables
  3. GD settings were off making variation impossible
  4. the External application won’t allow concurrent runs so dynamo only ever sees the first results
  5. an input/output value wasn’t marked correctly so GD isn’t exploring or recording the results correctly
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