Generative Design - Output node are not reading

I am creating a Generative script for solar shading device for a webinar. I have everything set up properly and script runs but it fails to read the output nodes. Can somebody help?? Link to script below

Geoff A. Tears

Likely one of three things (in the order which I’d check):

  1. There is a custom node or python code between the remember node between the output which calls on the Revit API. Check under the hood on all custom nodes between those two markers (remember and the outpus) to confirm there are no such calls. For ZT nodes check the source code or replace them with standard nodes, or other custom code which recreates the result without masking the ‘how’ aspect.
  2. The inputs can be mixed in a way which results in an indexing error or other ‘instant error’ which passes nulls. After generative design finishes running, select an option and say ‘open in Dynamo’, and run the graph with the provided settings and diagnose any warnings.
  3. There is a node accessing an external service which is timing out/overloading causing a failure to process. Watch task manager for processes which are started up to see what may be timing out/overloading, and remove that bit of processing from the Generative Design side of things.

Thank you for you response, I meant to delete this or let everyone know I got it… It was one missing remember node that threw it off.

Thanks again!