Generating smart tables of content general notes

Hi, I am definitely not a Revit guru nor do I fien competence. However, with AutoCAD we have an automated process that pulls data from excel. Where we have a number of tables that contain design concrete mix info and anchorage/development lengths: some of the excel info is dumb and some smart ie. development lengths change dependent on concrete grade and cover for example. In Revit with the help of the forum I am now able to populate text in a general notes sheet through keynotes. Does anyone have some guidance as to how such tables can be generated within Revit using Dynamo.

Smart info of development lengths:


Typical general notes sheet that we are trying to emulate/improve in Revit

Just trying to get some pointers to get started

If you already have it in Revit, what is it that you need Dynamo to do?
Iā€™m confused.

Look into creating a key schedule to replicate that chart. There are a few examples in the forum already.

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Hi Tom, we do not have all of the general notes in Revit that we like. Dynamo allows us to automate and get rid of mundane activities or reduce them at least. The screenshot is from autocad.


Hi Jacob, Yip, we have, key schedules do not appear to like null data blank cells, was hoping for a something a little smarter technique-wise.