Generating Family with Specific Distance

Hi, There I am Rod Domagsang Lecetivo a Mechanical Engineer by profession and a AEC practitioner specially now in Revit.
I have a very interesting knowhow I want to learn. Hoping this community will help me in this endeavor. ^^,)
I have a family chair.

I have a line 60m long

I want this line as a reference.
From 0 distance there is a chair.
From 500 distance there is a chair.
then consecutively every 3000 distance there is a chair.
Up to the end of the line.

I’d like to create a dynamo script and a dynamo player.

For me to:
Input the first distance.
Input the second and consecutive distance.
Click the specified reference line.

Is there any option I can make this kind of script?
Thank you very much in advance.

Cheers to everyone,
Rod Domagsang Lecetivo

Hi Rod,
As a beginner of Dynamo here is my initial idea, I’m not sure if I get the point.


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Hi Zefeng,

Thank you very much!

I very much appreciate the effort. I have try to replicate your script. I think it works just fine.

By the way, my end goal is to use a dynamo player with the created script.
Options are us follows;

  1. SELECT the existing line or reference line.
  2. INPUT the first distance let’s say; 400.
  3. INPUT the second and consecutive distance. let’s say; 5000.
  4. SELECT a family that is loaded in.
  5. RUN the dynamo.

Note: My line may be 3D coordinate mostly I use Generic Adaptive.

My highest regards,
Rod Domagsang Lecetivo