Generateing annotative filled regions from excel

I would like to automaticaly generate several filled regions from excel points on multiple levels, my current routine allows for filled region generation only on one level.

When I switch levels in the routine the old filled regions get erased.
When I connect a list of levels i get an error.

Oustide from coping the filled region part of the routine, manually could anyone make a suggestion?
Thank you in advance community!

Can’t read your graph image. Please use a camera export all we can understand what you are doing. Likely the result is to use coordinated lists of levels and shapes, and manage your lacing and list levels accordingly.

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Thank you for the tip, it was indeed a laceing issue. Something so trivial, I dont know how I missed that.
I did use coordinated list of point in my original script, however automatic laceing caused the odd filled region generation.

Anyways, upon generating, filtering the list of desired levels and fixing my laceing I did get what i wanted.

Thank you again.


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Happens to us all. Glad it worked out and you’re up and running. :slight_smile:

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