Generate duct unions

Hi Every one.

Recently, I was working on this routine to divide ducts in the mid point between rooms, expansion joint and room separators. I success the dust splitting, but I have problem to generate unions. I was trying with some nodes of mepover, as you can see in the attached pictures.
I don’t have lots of experience in this, so I would, really, appreciate your help.

Below you can find the picture of the script and the files in RVT2020.

777.dyn (88.1 KB) prueba ducto2.rvt (3.7 MB)

Hi @brunollave you can try the node MEPFitting.ByPointsAndCurve from MEPover pakage made by @T_Pover if now do the job.
Below some links:

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Do you have the revit file on 2019 ?

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Thank you. This topic doesn’t have solution, but I’ll try with the script.
Bellow the file in RVT 2019.

Proyecto2.rvt (1.0 MB)